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The scenes video of Mars for Runescape[ 03-04-2014 ]

Jagex studios released their behind the scenes video of Mars for Runescape. The program is loaded and the players have bread on the board and full retouching game to test. We start with two new quests, mini reserved for subscribers: The memory of the Mahjarrat, and an elite quest to always subscribe...

GameBlast 2014 thank you to all[ 02-27-2014 ]

Last Friday, we participated in GameBlast a marathon 24-hour organized by the charity SpecialEffect . Friday at 13 pm the following day at the same time, players and mods have joined forces to play RuneScape for 24 hours straight. Our live broadcast recorded nearly 90,000 views, with 6000 simultaneo...

Survey Calculation of combat level[ 02-15-2014 ]

A new survey from the category Stone Dragon is available today, and is entitled Calculation of combat level . We ask you via this survey what is the formula that you would like us to use in. This formula will be applied throughout the game and not just for the battle mode with old, if he comes to be...

Maintenance plannifiee Wednesday and Thursday morning[ 02-12-2014 ]

We will perform maintenance from 8am GMT on Wednesday February 12 and Thursday, February 13 .On Wednesday, February 12 , our billing modules will be inaccessible from 8am to 9am GMT . To see what time this maintenance will occur in your time zone, visit the website . (English)All payments supposed t...

Runescape Member Quest Scorpion Cather[ 02-10-2014 ]

Requirements:(Quest) Bar Crawl (ablation with the Barbarian Barbarian Guard in Barbarian Outpost Agility Course.31 PrayerNeeded items:Dusty Key (Unnecessary if you are 70 Agility )Recommended Items:AntipoisonAnti-Dragon ShieldMethods to teleport to village Seer / Camelot, Outspot Barbarian (Games ne...

Be subscribed to RuneScape giant mole[ 01-28-2014 ]

The mole has been upgraded to use the same types of attacks that the boss of a high level. The fight takes place in three phases of more intense: it will first collapse the ceiling of the gallery, then call other moles using, will dig underground to attack you from below and finally explode with rag...

Runescape Return of Winter[ 01-24-2014 ]

This is the return of Winter for the Francophone community of RuneScape . The events begin on February 1 and will end on 5. He will not have to miss the boat.By participating, the player earns points and whoever has the most points becomes the champion of Winter. The event will happen on the free se...

Hati and Skoll are back[ 01-17-2014 ]

Only for membersSköll and Hati, the winter wolf found in the legends of the Fremennik, are back and bring additional PE for all those who get beat, plus new ornamental image changes based on the Valkyrie.This year's novelty is embodied by Eir, a Valkyrie preparing for the End of Things, an even...

Goblin Diplomacy in runescape 3[ 01-10-2014 ]

Original name :Goblin DiplomacyRequirements: None.Needed items: 3 Dimensions of Malla goblinPreferably blue-dye-buy (made with 2 woad leaves and 5 coins to make)Preferably orange-buy-Dye (blocks 2 onions 3 hawthorn and 10 coins to make)Reward: A gold bar200 XP in Crafts2 Spins in Chirrueda of Fortun...

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