Things You Should Know About New York Car Insurance

If you live in New York and you plan on driving your car anywhere in this state you must have insurance on your vehicle. The law requires you to carry a specific amount of liability insurance to cover any injuries to other people as well as damage to their vehicle. The minimum amounts for the liabilities are:

  • $25,000 to cover the bodily injury to one person who was involved in the accident
  • $50,000 must be held to cover the injuries of all people involved
  • $10,000 in liability coverage is to pay for damages to a person’s property

You must also carry no-fault insurance which means that it doesn’t matter who is at fault in an accident, each person contacts his or her own insurance for coverage of their claims.

When you drive in New York car insurance companies can only increase your rates if you were the cause of the accident and if resulted in property damage or bodily injury damages that totaled more than $2,000.

If you do not carry car insurance on your auto it is against the law. If you are unable to provide proof of insurance to a law enforcement agent you might have to pay fines of $150 to $1500 and run the risk of having your car impounded and your registration suspended. Even though it is the law that you must carry enough insurance to cover your share of damages in case an accident occurs you may have to pay a fine and your car may be impounded.

If you have an accident that is being held against your insurance it will be on it for three full years. On January 1st of the fourth year it will be removed from your insurance.

One thing you must never do on purpose is show a lapse in your New York car insurance coverage from If you don’t keep your insurance intact without any periods of time where you have no coverage you will have trouble getting new insurance.  There is no grace period; make sure your insurance premium is paid before it is due to avoid any problems.

If you have any points on your New York driver’s license they will remain on your record for a total of 18 months. They count from the day of the violation and not the day you were convicted.
You have to be at least 16 years of age to get a registration and title for your car in New York.

South Carolina Car Insurance and the requirements

Like many other states, South Carolina possesses a required minimum coverage for all South Carolina car insurance policies. If you intend to take your car out on the road, you must meet these state required minimums to ensure that you are able to pay for any damages you have caused in an accident. While the requirements to meet this minimum are set simply, many people are still driving on less than the requirement and are considered underinsured. If you are caught driving without insurance or with insurance that does not meet or exceed the state minimum, there will be legal repercussions that you will have to face.


The South Carolina car insurance minimum requirement is considered liability insurance plus uninsured motorist. The limits for this coverage include $25,000 for death or injury, $50,000 total for death or injury, and $25,000 for damage to property. You should also have uninsured motorist coverage to pay for damages and injuries to you, your passengers, or your own property. This too has limits that must be met that include $25,000 for damage to property, $25,000 for death or injury, and $50,000 total for death or injury.

Additional Coverage

There are many additions you can get for your South Carolina car insurance including collision, comprehensive, medical, rental reimbursement, and towing and labor coverage. Each option will provide you with the ability to take care of a variety of different damages to your vehicle and should be considered as you look for quotes and prepare to purchase your insurance. Not only can these extra coverage options provide you with the peace of mind that your car can be repaired if damaged, it will also ensure that you can rent a vehicle to get you by while your car is being repaired.

Additional Requirements

If you have just purchased a new car and are paying back a lender for your vehicle, then the requirements may be different for your South Carolina car insurance as your lender will have a separate set of required minimums. These requirements will ensure that if your car is damaged in an accident you can either repair it, pay it off, or replace it. Lenders require these minimums to be met to ensure they will obtain their investment back for your car. If you don’t meet these minimums for your insurance, they may repossess your car as a way of regaining the investment.

Do You Need Illinois Car Insurance?

For many Illinois car owners, accessing insurance online is a fast, simple and convenient process. So, you may wish to consider shopping for this form of insurance via the World Wide Web.

To help you understand the value of shopping for (and applying for) Illinois car insurance online, we’ve created a practical guide. Our steps will show you how to use the Web in order to save money on the cost of your next policy.

How to Find a Great Policy

Finding a great policy won’t be hard – it will just require a bit of research via the World Wide Web. To begin, check out insurance providers and see which policies they have to offer.

You should also think about the reputation of an insurance firm. In addition, you’ll need to know that an insurance company serves your state. It should be very simple to find companies that have good reputations – most people check online reviews in order to determine whether or not companies are in good standing with their clients. Also, in general, nationwide insurance companies will cater to clients from Illinois.

To get the best results, select a few highly-rated insurance firms which operate in your state and then visit their online urls. Once you’ve arrived at an insurance company website, see which car insurance policies are being offered. Your goal at this stage should be to decide which coverage level is best for your needs.

By checking out policies at a few different providers, you’ll be able to figure out which coverage level is most appropriate. Once factor is cost, so use online resources at insurance company websites in order to find the right blend of affordability and coverage.

One online resource to watch for is a quote calculator. This sort of application is found at many insurance company websites and it’s a great way to find out how much a specific car insurance policy will cost you. Gathering quotes from all of your “short list” providers will help you find a deal that you can really afford.

Now that you understand the process, why not shop for insurance online today?