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    PN6000 SERIES Commerical Treadmill(LED/TFT)

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    PN6000 SERIES Commerical Treadmill(LED/TFT)
    unit price:$1200USD

    Operating System:Android 4.4.4.
    System Control software:Custom treadmill control software.
    Adopt America 1.7G dual core processing(Dual core 1.7G processor made in america),1G memory card,8G nandflash.
    Using high-performance capacitivetouch screen with IPS LCD screen angle.
    Have the new monitoring system and complete notification,alarm system for photolost.
    The utique battrey contuol system,to make sure the system safety and stable when power off suddenly.
    Adopting the multiple protection,completely solve the touch screen interference from electrostatic.
    Built-in WIFL module can connect wireless high-speed internet access network.


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